I do not wish to make a site with copyright notices everywhere, in fact at the beginning I had put only one, on the home page. But while doing research for this article, I began to think that bad faith was all too common on the Net, so I added one under each picture, so that no one could pretend they did not know I was the author ;-)

As for technicalities, I'm going to be a bit lazy and refer you to Jukka Korpela's article on Copyright basics for Web authors and users.

Just a few points:

As for me I can't really understand people who "steal" other people's pictures. Which satisfaction can you get from that? After erasing a signature, do they persuade themselves that they are the author of the work? If they are able to sell it, or use it in their book, do they think they will be able to fool people for long? Or maybe I'm being naive here?

Now, think and do what you may... I guess that if you intended to steal from me you wouldn't be reading this anyway ^_^